I Cast Fireball is a D&D 5e Actual-Play podcast of the adventure Tyranny of Dragons.

Founded by our DM, Thomas Brower, I Cast Fireball is more than just an excuse to have a D&D group that actually meets consistently.

It's, um...

Anyway, we here at I Cast Fireball use our years of background in tabletop roleplaying and the theatrical arts to weave a story of fantasy, fun, and fireballs!

Our Cast

Thomas Brower – Dungeon Master

Thomas is the glue that brought this whole thing together. Peering back through the years, we all remember our first Pathfinder session with him behind the screen, and without him, none of us would be playing D&D today. So like, maybe a little more respect at the table, ok guys?

Mickie McMillan – Malamara, Half-Orc Warlock

Mickie is our editing wizard, and oh my gosh I'm so thankful for all the work you do Mickie, please don't leave us. Unlike the rest of us posers, Mickie actually gets paid to do theatre, with years of technical/design/management experience to back it up.

Jacob Rollins – Lancthalyn Echolast, High Elf Rogue

Jacob is our best hope for the rising generation. Teachers work really hard y'all, and they don't get enough appreciation, so the next time you pass Jacob on the streets, why not slide over a Mountain Dew? (Zero sugar, please.) Our future may depend on it.

Ned Wilcock – Fleeple Thrikominaki, Kobold Druid

Ned's just happy to be here, yo. He was already running four other D&D campaigns when Thomas asked him to join I Cast Fireball, but he couldn't pass up the chance to actually be a player instead of the DM for once. (Doesn't hurt having a visual designer on the team, either.)

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