Enough planning, enough exploring the dungeon, enough sneaking. It's finally time to face the enemy head-on! Three scrappy heroes versus Mondath and t...View Details

Kobolds: Defeated. Barbarians: Befriended. Dragon Eggs: Secured. Tommy Wiseau: Abducted. All that's left now is to face Mondath and her twelve angry c...View Details

Taking some time to inspect the shrine of Tiamat more closely, our heroes find that the proverbial web they've been walking into is more tangled than ...View Details

With one massive fight behind them, and another yet to come, our heroes decide to explore the rest of the cave before confronting Mondath. Lance scout...View Details

Hope you like daring combat, 'cause this episode is full of it! Lance protects his own. Malamara draws from a previously unknown well of strength. Fle...View Details

Welcome to our FanCast where we talk about Tommy Wiseau's groundbreaking film, "The Room". This week, we will also be following the story of three fan...View Details

Our heroes move deeper into the cultists' cave, only to find complication after complication. How will they clear this dungeon when every turn is infe...View Details

What's a familiar good for, anyway? Well, turns out it's an awful lot! Back in the caldera, The Jhank Squad have some investigation to do in the after...View Details

In today's episode, Mickie is back to talk about half-orcs! The quintessential race for players who want to play with the challenge of not quite belon...View Details

With a few loose ends left to tie up, our heroes decide it's time to head back to the cultist camp. But along the way, some of them have a hard time g...View Details

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