9. We the Fleeple

Things are much quieter back in the village of Greenest. The cultists are gone, the birds are singing, the villagers are safe… Well, most of them. Som...View Details

Welcome to our first episode of “Meet & Geek”, Jacob’s bonus show where he interviews our cast members about their history with geekdom! In this p...View Details

Back at the Keep, it’s time for our heroes to take a little rest, right? Right?… Unfortunately, a new threat rears its head. An intimidating challenge...View Details

7. BA-CAW!

The battle for the Temple of Bahamut is in full swing! Mal and Lance are stationed inside with the trapped citizens, while Fleeple picks off foes outs...View Details

6. Into the Temple

The raiding cultists have turned their attention to a new target: the Temple of Bahamut, where many unfortunate citizens are trapped inside. Time for ...View Details

With the captured cultist in hand, Mal, Lance, and Fleeple decide it’s time to get some answers. Now, with the mill secured, and with new information ...View Details

4. Mayhem at the Mill

Mal and Lance have a perfect plan to defeat the cultists hiding in the mill, but Fleeple’s already stuck inside! Defeating the cultists will be a chal...View Details

Having gained the trust of Greenest’s mayor, our heroes have a new job: find out what the cultists are doing down at the mill, and keep it from being ...View Details

2. Yeah, It’s a Dragon

With dragon cultists laying waste to the town of Greenest, Mal, Lance, and Fleeple spring into action to defend the townsfolk. A few kobolds are easy ...View Details

1. Tyranny of Dragons

Three strangers are brought together when a drinking game ends in tragedy. Malamara the half-orc warlock, Lancthalyn the elven rogue, and Fleeple the ...View Details

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