Split up across the cultist camp, our heroes each have their own unique problems to deal with now. What does the leadership want with Mal? How will the orcs respond to Lance? Can a toothless kobold soften Fleeple's heart? Whatever happens, prepare get caught up in the Crossfire!

(This episode is (unfortunately) not sponsored by Hasbro's classic board game Crossfire.)

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Ambience made on the incredible Mynoise.net. If you’re looking for customizable background sound while you're creating, or studying, or playing your own dnd campaign check out this site and consider donating because it's a great site. 

Zapsplat.com - 

Many sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

Public domain sound effects used throughout 

War Camp Ambience 1: War Camp - RPG Ambience 

Created by RPG Music Maker - Travis Savoie


War Camp Ambience 2: D&D Ambience - Camp Vengeance 

Created by: Sword Coast Soundscapes


Orc Camp: You are near an Orc camp - RPG Ambience 

Created by: RPG Music Maker - Travis Savoie


The following songs from Nihilore.com were used: 

An Unwavering Will

Found on the EDM Playlist - http://www.nihilore.com/edm

Found on “Epic” playlist- http://www.nihilore.com/epic/#itemId=5acdab660e2e72484fd67d3c

And as always a HUGE thank you to Hayden Allred for our amazing theme music!

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