Standing head to head with a rearguard of cultists, it looks like our heroes' cover may be blown! Can they keep up the charade, and find their way to the cultists' camp? Mal plays it cool. Lance plays it tough. Fleeple plays it dumb.

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Ambience made on the incredible If you’re looking for customizable background sound while you're creating, or studying, or playing your own dnd campaign check out this site and consider donating because it's a great site. - 

Many sound effects obtained from


Public domain sound effects used throughout 


War Camp Ambience 1: War Camp - RPG Ambience by RPG Music Maker - Travis Savoie


War Camp Ambience 2: D&D Ambience - Camp Vengeance by Sword Coast Soundscapes


The following songs from were used:

A Vision of Light 

You can find it on “Epic” playlist:

And as always a HUGE thank you to Hayden Allred for our amazing theme music!

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